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Africa needs education

Because of their poverty, millions of children worldwide have no chance of attending a school. Instead, many of them have to do the hardest work at a young age, prostitute themselves, become criminal or as child soldiers to the wars of adults. How would we like to help all of these children, but we have to be realistic.
As African Angel, we have been trying to make „Harriet’s dream“ true since 2002: to enable slum children from Bukom, a emitted district in Accra, the capital of Ghanas (West Africa), school and vocational training. Because only education is the key to a professional and life perspective in your own country and thus to break through the circulation of poverty.

African Angel was founded in 2002 in Düsseldorf in 2002 in Düsseldorf, despite his own difficult fate of Harriet Bruce-Annan. Self -help for slum children. To date, over 100 former street children have, and there are always some of them to find a new home from the poorest conditions in the African Angel Kinderhaus near Harriet.

Help us to make Harriet’s dream come true, to help as many slum children as possible, for a life in dignity in your own country.

Unsere Kinder im Cottage von African Angel.

Project description

African Angel e.V. has been focusing on a project since 2002 as part of the goal of the association: Education and training promotion of slum children from the misery district of Bukom in financial and material terms. So long -term help for self -help.

African Angel offers poverty -living parents and relatives from Bukom to give their children in the African Angel children’s house built by Harriet. Here the former slum children receive good food, decent clothing, hygiene, medical care, a structured daily routine and good school education.

A picture from the slums of Bukom, where our children come from.

All of this is unaffordable for a street child from Bukom slum. The children largely live on their own in the dirt, are not healthy, poorly fed and without any education.

The children’s admission age is between 7-11 years, there is no age limit upwards! The criterion is the completed training, depending on the talent, this also means a degree.

How was African Angel - Harriet's dream.

It all started in Africa, more precisely in Accra, the capital of Ghana on the West African coast. With the big dream of a little girl. The girl Harriet Dansowaa Ani-agyei (Harriets mädchenname) lived as a child of the middle class with her parents in Adabraka, one of the better districts of Accra. Harriet regularly visited her grandmother, who lived in Bukom, a poor district of the big city. Here the little Harriet children, who were hungry, saw no decent clothing, had to sleep on the ground and what appeared to her as the worst that could not go to school. At that time the little girl took care of

In the 1990s, Harriet Bruce-Annan, at the back left, took care of the children from the Bukom slum district.
This is how the children live in the Slums Bukom, a district of Accra.
Here are some active members together with Harriet in the new African-Angel office in Düsseldorf in 2006.

Children become people, and so Harriet fate as a young woman in 1990 to Düsseldorf, where she had to give up her life spaces under violence. But never, even at the low points of her life, she lost her faith and thus her big dream: „to help her“ children from Bukom. For „her“ children, she was willing to take the greatest deprivation and victims, and work day and night. Many years on their own, but finally other people became aware of them and their work. Harriet Bruce-Annan was able to found the non-profit association African Angel e.V., registered on May 26, 2003 under number 9230. Since then, Harriet has been the engine of the association, and since 2002 it has been building the support and energy of many „African Angels“ die Help for the children from Bukom.

One of the first general meetings in the new office in 2006.
Office work in the African Angel office (2021).
Members have met in the office to discuss further steps (2013).

Who is African Angel? Everyone can be an African Angel!

Harriet together with some of their children with their graduation from kindergarten for school, the next step for the children, to be able to lead a self -determined life one day.

Harriet is the African Angel!
Everyone would go to the question „Who is African Angel?“ Answer immediately immediately.

And yes, without Harriet Bruce-Annan and her tireless work to collect toilet money for the slum children, African Angel would not exist.

But since 2002 members, sponsors, donors, sponsors, helpers and friends have been the backbone of African Angel and enable us to help us first. Therefore, each of them is an African Angel!

And we would like to thank all of you!

In the following you will see the structure of African Angel: employees and helpers in Germany as well as in Ghana.

This diagram shows the basic structure of African Angel.

Meetings in cottage.

African angels have also been the leading employees in the African-Angel cottage in Ghana for many years.
Here all of problems and upcoming tasks are discussed and tackled.

African angels have also been the leading employees in the African-Angel cottage in Ghana for many years. ...
... All problems and upcoming tasks are discussed and tackled here.

African angels are also visitors to our children in Ghana from abroad; Visitors who come to see Harriet and the children to help with daily work, bring gifts or donations, or to convince themselves of the progress of the project.

Marita from Germany visits African Angel's cottage.
Heike and Marco von Jacob's crowning glory visited the African Angel 2012 cottage.
Visit from Germany in the cottage.

Help for African Angel comes from everywhere. Here, for example. from Eberstalzell in Upper Austria.

African angels have also been the leading employees in the African-Angel cottage in Ghana for many years.
Here all of problems and upcoming tasks are discussed and tackled.

African Angel would not be possible without our many supporters.
Birthday „children“ or wedding couples, but also for funerals, where instead of gifts or flowers for donations for African Angel, committed helpers who regularly organize charity events, sponsorship runs, elementary school students who collect change, students who make a contribution so that our children can attend a secondary school …

All of them are big and small African Angels!
Decide to become an African Angel!


The most diverse stop at Harriet’s visit to Upper Austria: Meeting with the mayor of Eberstalzell, lecture at the school in Plettenberg, reading and autograph session in Fischlham and lecture in Wels and Mariazell.
Everything organized by the Austrian family Pramhaas and Eva.
Harriet thanks you for the years of support.

Support from Germany and the associated meetings.

Harriet at a meeting of the Future Charter. The Future Chartera was initiated by the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and assumes a mission statement in which there is no subdivision of the world into developing and emerging countries on the one hand and developed countries on the other, but that all countries are in a partnership -based development process to cope with the pressing challenges.
Harriet visits a woman who set up and donated a donation box for African Angel for her birthday.
Harriet visits a school in Löhnberg.
Harriet visits a school.

More goals - bring in seed

Is it a difference whether we put a grain in the new African Angel Farmgarten, and water so that it grows and can be harvested?

Or whether a young and talented girl, African Angel Child from the 1st hour, could put and study a great “Abitur” these days in order to become a reproduction of knowledge in her own country later?

Both are a seed that now has to be encouraged so that it can open later.

Both are our current goals and our greatest heart wishes!

Fountain construction and irrigation for the African Angel Farmgarten by wanting to grow fresh food for our children in order to counter the exploding food prices in ACCRA.

Financing of the studies for all African-Angel girls and boys who, as Harriets protégés of the 1st hour these days, have their graduation.

Bring the seeds in.
So the children saw from African Angel shortly after their recording, ...
... and that has become of them. Young people with perspective.
2005: The children are in primary school in their 1st year.
2021: 3 of the children on the left, the 1st, the 3rd and 4th, now study at the university in Dakar, Senegal.

How the school system works in Ghana and how African Angel, with its low means, achieve the best for the children. Status quo 2017/2018

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A video about the children's daily routine in the cottage using an example by Martin Luther King Agyeman. - no joke, it really means 🙂

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