Donate a testament

Not a nice topic. - But can bring about beautiful things.

Inheritance – a subject for which it is never too early to start thinking.

That is precisely why people like to put it off.
The formulation of the last will and testament is important.

Some people have no family and may not know what to do with their estate after they die. –

For such people, there is a nice way to do good with their assets and thus „live on“ after death. If something is bequeathed to African Angel, the inheritance is put into projects with which we support our children and enable a self-determined future in Africa.

These projects, if the donor wishes, are given the name of the donor or a person they wish to honor.

The projects can be apartments or houses and land; but also, for example, a well, a road or a bridge on our 13.7 hectares of farmland, or simply education and/or seed money for our children.

It would also be possible to finance a student exchange between German and Ghanaian students.

A nice alternative if you have no other heir.

You as a donor would live on in the hearts of the children of African Angel.

With your estate you would do good.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by email or phone. Then we could meet and together, if you like, choose a project that you would like to support.

But you can always support; even without a specific project being preferred by you. 🙂


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