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Here we report about everything that happens in African Angel. The latest things happening.

Everything we report here should show you where the donated money is going and what we do with it and that it is worth supporting us.

The Rotary Club Velbert supports African Angel e.V. and donates an additional € 1,500

Harriet Bruce-Annan, wearer of the Federal Cross of Merit, founded the African Angel e.V. association in 2002 to support children in their homeland Ghana. These are children from the slums of Bukom near the capital Accra.

In the beginning, it was primarily about ensuring that slum children ensure safe accommodation and giving them the chance of schooling.

Under high self-engagement, Harriet collected Bruce-Annan donations and also worked as a cleaner to give hope and perspective as many children as possible. Dedicated people in the club as well as many small and larger donations enabled amazing things.

In the meantime, the African Angel project operates a small village consisting of houses, a school, farmland and workshops. You can find more details on

The aim of the commitment is to get the children out of the slums, give them education and perspective and to open up the opportunity for vocational training or study.

„The educational offers in Ghana often do not meet the needs of the country,“ explains Harriet Bruce Annan. In this way, courses are offered that hardly offer future prospects, competencies in the craft, in agriculture and in the technical fields are hardly conveyed. In order to avoid this defect, talents are specifically trained abroad or are given the opportunity to complete a degree.

The Rotary Club Velbert has been supporting this remarkable project for many years. This is done by donating and taking over a sponsorship for a young person. “Our godchild Raphael regularly keeps contact with our club. So we can make a contribution to a monthly donation and look forward to his development, ”says Jörg Tillmanns, the president of the Rotary Club and long-time contact person to Raphael.

In addition to this long -term commitment, there are always short -term challenges. As a result of climate change, a heavy rain recently destroyed the boys‘ residential building on the African Angel campus. Roof construction, electrical installation and much more had to be renewed.

Two potential young people, Rachel and Daniel, study international business and agriculture in Kyiv. Together with Harriet, the two visited our club today. Here they reported on their studies in Kyiv, the shocking experiences when the war broke out and their escape from Kyiv via Poland to Germany.

They hope for an early end of the war and are emotionally alongside their fellow students and teachers. It is particularly noteworthy that despite the war, teaching is maintained via online media and that students are given the opportunity to take exams in this way.

The members of the Rotary Club Velbert moved these descriptions very much. There is also the conviction of using the African Angel project to provide help in a real place and to be able to positively influence life paths of young people.

An additional donation of € 1,500 was promised, which will be launched at short notice and, according to Harriet Bruce-Annan, will make a large contribution.

(The picture shows Harriet Bruce-Annan, the students Rachel and Daniel as well as the members of the Rotary Club Velbert.)

2nd place for our U10 soccer players.

For Mother’s Day in Ghana, a small U10 soccer tournament was held in Accra by the Ashiaman District Football Association, in which our team made 2nd place 🙂
We look forward to it. But the boys were not particularly happy; They would have preferred to make 1st place. 😉

Internship for Charlotte.

This is our Charlotte. She studies electrical engineering in ACCRA at the Technical University.
Since the university unfortunately does not offer enough internships for the students, you should take care of an internship if you want to do one.
With the help of African Angel, Charlotte has now found a internship at an electrical company, where she will now do her internship for the next one and a half years. The contract is signed.
In Ghana it is the case that you have to pay for an internship and not like in Germany, where you can at least get a small salary.
Charlotte now helps to build a new petrol station in Tamale, in the north of Ghana.
In the pictures below you can see how it laid the power cables.

Dorcas on Ghanaian television.

Here is a report from TV3, one of the main ends in Ghana, who reports on the Ghanaian students who had to flee from Kyiv because of the war and are now back in Ghana.
At Intervew we see our Dorcas, which in turn left Ukraine via Rumemia. She, as a medical student, is now doing a Famulature in a hospital in Accra and will then end your studies abroad.
Then she will work again as a doctor in Ghana.
We are very proud. 🙂

The first fountain is created on our farmland; 100 meters deep!

Of course, we also need water for our farm country.
Since there is a rain and a dry season in Ghana, but we want to operate agriculture all year round, we will build fountains there that ensure that there is enough water available for the plants in the dry season.
This is not normal in Ghana. In Ghana, most farmers plant only in the rainy season, as they do not have wells, which means that they grow much less than it would be possible. The country in Ghana is very fertile. It would be waste to leave it in the dry season.
In order to see where groundwater can be found on or below our farm country, the company that creates the fountain and their trial bores for this actually make a wish rod, who finds the places in the respective area with his wishing rod, where the most Water is located.
There they then set their drills and found water, and this in the dry season; So we can be sure that we can always draw or pump enough water from the fountain.
We are very happy about this course. We plan to install another 11 fountains on our farm country so that we can also water the whole country in the dry season and thus operate agriculture.
We will call this first fountain „little prince“, because that was the wish of an older lady who was the first to donate to this project „Brunnen for our farmland“.
We are very grateful for all of our donors for this project.
As I said, there are more. Furthermore, generators are needed that will pump the water on the surface and water tanks that store the water.
Of course we also need further donations for which we want to ask you, dear friends, 🙂
The whole thing happens not only for African Angel and their children. It is also about sending a sign in Ghana and showing the coming generations that an African country can also operate agriculture; Not only on a small scale, but also on a larger or large style. Ghana and his inhabitants have to recognize that they can do something from their country. A country that has very fertile land. You just have to use it. – The Ghanaians have to recognize that it is worth living in their country; The fact that you do not need to have basic materials such as corn and maniok, a kind of potato that is very healthy and could be grown very easily in Ghana, and also to import one of the Ghanaians in addition to the corn!
We also hope for the help of some of our children who are currently studying agricultural sciences and will soon have completed their studies 🙂 You can use and pass on your knowledge. –
Sequel follows.

Pocket project Cologne/Accra.

The project was developed and carried out by the Max Ernst comprehensive school and supports African Angel e.V ..

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