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Education for Slum children in Ghana

Your interest is like a warm sunbeam into the hearts of Abraham, Bismarck, Clement, Diana, Elizabeth, Gideon, Priscilla, Veronica and the many other under-privileged children coming from the slum of Bukom in Accra/Ghana/West-Africa having now a sheltered home and good school education at African Angel Cottage offered by Harriet Bruce-Annan!
African Angel
Caused by poverty several millions of children in the whole world have no chance to attend school. Instead, many of them, even at their youngest days, have to do the hardest work becoming victims of prostitution, crime or child soldiers. When grown-up they often risk the dangerous path of illegal immigration to Europe, paying their wish for education with their young lives….

Despite her own hard fate Harriet Bruce-Annan embraced the slum children of her home country Ghana (West Africa) enabling their school and vocational training. Because Education is the key! For Girls and Boys. In their own continent, their own country, for a life without poverty, for a life in dignity and self-confidence! After today 12 years of project work Harriet Bruce-Annan and her association, African Angel, is taking care for 98 children, from Kindergarten to university! However, there are still thousands of slum children in need, so please help Harriet to save as much children as possible!
Please follow us to our children from Bukom, to Harriet’s exceptional life story, to her yearlong tireless mission, to our engaged and amiable helpers, sponsors and donators, in short: Become persuaded to support African Angel!


Harriet Bruce-Annan
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Die African Angel-Bücher (Lübbe-Verlag): “Mit 50 Cent die Welt verändern”. “Wie ein Stern am Horizont” und “Schicksalswege starker Frauen”