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Read about Harriet, her fate and the creation of African Angel in Harriet's biography. "Changing the world with 50 Cent"!

Harriet’s biography „African Angel – Changing the World with 50 Cents“ (Lübbe Verlag) and three other editions, „Wie ein Stern am Horizont,“ „Schicksalswege starker Frauen“ and, in Italian, „Cambiare il mondo con 50 centisimi,“ were published between 2009 and 2017.
The paperback book „Like a star on the horizon“ can be obtained for a voluntary donation of at least 7.99 EUR.
The hardcover book „Change the world with 50 cents“ can be obtained for a voluntary donation of at least 19.99 EUR.
The book in Italian „Cambiare Il Mondo con 50 Centesimi“ is out of print. However, we are looking for a sponsor to help us reprint the book. Anyone who would like to help us with this is welcome to contact us.
The book „Schicksalswege starker Frauen“ is also out of print.
Also, be sure to note your full name, address and the word „BOOK“ in the purpose of your donation.

Thank you!

PS: Another book Harriet’s story is in the works; and that will be exciting!

Mit 50 Cent die Welt verändern
Wie ein Stern am Horizont
Schicksalswege starker Frauen (Bertelsmann-Verlag).
Cambiare il mondo con 50 centisimi

The following were instrumental in editing the books on Harriet’s story:

– Christine Proske of Ariadne Book
– Jan Einicke, former vice chairman of the board of directors
– Peter Schrenk, author and former African-Angel member; he unfortunately passed away in 2020
– Bastei Lübbe publishing house
– Beate Rygiert, ghostwriter

Harriet’s special thanks go to Stefan Lübbe (†), Ms. Haffner, and Ms. Barbara Fischer.

Many have reported on the book, including the NDR in the NDR talk show with Schöneberger, the ZDF with Markus Lanz, the ORF in the program STÖCKL. and many more.
More info under REPORTS.

Harriet is grateful for these actions, which have helped the association a lot.

Harriet at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Harriet at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Peter Schrenk (†), "Mama Lübbe" (†) and Harriet at the Authors' Night in Frankfurt, organized by Lübbe-Verlag.

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