Corporate sponsorship

The employees of HSBC Bank in Düsseldorf selected African Angel 2 times in a row for their annual donations.
Jacobs Krönung made a campaign in support of African Angel, where customers could find and collect small crowns in the coffee packages. ...
... 3 crowns were worth 1 school day, that is 1,- €. With this very successful action, African Angel was able to secure the school fees for 3 years.

Corporate sponsorship - Help us to help.

African Angel is a long-term project. It is not about emergency aid measures, but about providing sustainable help for self-help. Since 2002, children from the slum area of Bukom from the age of 7 are taken in. In the cottage of African Angel they are well cared for, prepared for school and receive a good education; ideally until collage graduation. This means for the formerly chance-less to live as adults with perspective, future and in dignity. Help African Angel e.V. to secure the current upkeep and school fees of our children, and those yet to be admitted, in the long term. Become a corporate sponsor of African Angel e.V. and support us as a company on a regular basis. In addition to monthly donations, we are also happy about campaigns such as „wage rounding“. In consultation/agreement with your employees, the net wage payment in the cent range can be rounded off every month and these cent amounts automatically transferred as a donation or „Donations instead of Christmas presents“ as a well-known and effective action.

Or you can simply make a general or targeted donation under Donations.

Win-win situations.

Corporate sponsors receive permission for African-Angel logo use and linking. We carry out further joint actions, promotions or benefit events with our corporate sponsors. Harriet would be happy to come to you and give a presentation about her work and project.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Harriet Bruce-Annan at an appearance in a church in Adenau. Harriet was invited by the Catholic Church to read from her book "Changing the World with 50 Cents".
Harriet tells the Rotary Club about her work.
In Upper Austria in Kirchdorf, Harriet tells the children in a school about the fates of the children from the slum area in Bukom, Accra, from which she brings the children to the cottage of African Angel to give them a good future. Such exchanges with children is always very productive, because the children here can see how well they are doing and what opportunities they have here and learn to appreciate them.

Harriet at Enterpreurship Summit 2016 in Berlin.

Interview by Johanna Richter with Harriet Bruce-Annan at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Berlin.

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