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For many years, Harriet worked alone in Düsseldorf, almost around the clock, to earn school fees and maintenance for „her“ children in Ghana, 50 cents at a time. Then some regulars of the old town pubs where she collected her „plate money“ became aware of Harriet s project and encouraged her to found the association African Angel. But it was several years before her extraordinary story caught the attention of the media, and a first newspaper article appeared in Düsseldorf.

In 2007, Annika Zeitler from WDR and Birgit Virnich, the Africa correspondent of ARD at the time, learned about Harriet and her toilet money that saved children’s lives on the other side of the world. The 45-minute WDR feature „50 cents for an angel“ introduced

Harriet, her children from Bukom and African Angel to fame.

Wherever Harriet is invited, she speaks with contagious enthusiasm about her dream, the association, „her“ children and the vision for a better future.

The attention of the media, also on the occasion of Harriet s honors like „Golden Picture of the Woman“ and the award of the Federal Cross of Merit, was and is very important for African Angel e.V..

Because our small association has no means for large advertising campaigns, posters or television spots, because we would like to send every donated euro to our children in Ghana, for a long-term and sustainable project development.

Media coverage makes people aware of African Angel, who then hopefully want to support us as donors, members or sponsors.

Here is a selection of media coverage about Harriet and African Angel e.V., enjoy watching and browsing!

A selection of reports

African Angel in the spotlight: More members and new challenges

Of course, for Harriet Bruce-Annan and her German supporters, this successful project was only meant to be a first step. But in order to achieve even more for the impoverished children from Bukom, the association needed more members – and above all more donations. This is where the media played a decisive role: Starting in February 2007, WDR television reported,

the Westdeutsche Zeitung and the Rheinische Post reported extensively about African Angel e.V. – with the success that many people came forward to sponsor one of the 26 African Angel children in Ghana or to become a member of Harriet s association. On her trip to Ghana in June 2007, Harriet had the comforting certainty in her luggage that all the children were basically covered by monthly sponsorship contributions. And there was even a waiting list for new sponsors! While the association had only 19 members at the time of Harriet’s departure, the number of regular sponsors increased to almost 150 by Christmas 2007, mainly as a result of television reports.
made it possible for Harriet to finally acquire her own property with two dilapidated buildings in the Lashebizu district.

By 2009, African Angel had grown so large in Germany, and the tasks in Ghana at African Angel Cottage so time-consuming, that Harriet was able to devote herself full-time to her work by board decision. Especially since her biography „Changing the World with 50 Cents“ had been published that year. Now she also had the opportunity to accept invitations from the media in Germany and to give readings. Thanks to her cheerfulness, optimism and uncompromising Christian faith, Harriet is a welcome guest who has much to say to the audience….

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