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For the care of the meanwhile more than 100 children African Angel employs 16 employees, most of them are housemothers, who also live in the cottage and thus ensure the 24h care and supply of the 7- to 22-year-old African Angel children.

Today, over 100 children are lovingly cared for by Harriet at the African Angel Cottage. The girls live in the 3-storey house, which was built in 2008-2014, while the boys live in the two existing buildings.

From here the children go to school. The school or kindergarten fees, the school books and the teaching material, which are necessary in Ghana, are financed by African Angel e.V. from donations.

The status quo of the education of our children:

14 children are in different universities in Kiev, Ukraine. They are studying different subjects, from Medezin to Agricultural Sciences, Business Administration, International Relations, Business Management, Computer Engineering, International Economics and International Law – mostly in Russian.

3 children are in Dacar, Senegal, to study marketing and comunication on the one hand, and one is doing a shoemaker apprenticeship. There they have to speak French, which later gives them the opportunity to get along well in the French-speaking neighboring countries of Ghana.

4 children are now going to Accra Technical University to become computer specialists, electrical software engineers and auto mechanics.

3 children are currently training to be cooks and tailors.

Before the children move on to study, they all have to do a social year at the Cottage after graduating from school; this means that they have to take responsibility and work and help in different areas of the tasks at the Cottage.
Most of the time, there are 4 or more children who do their social year at the Cottage.

The rest of the children are either in Senior High School, mostly outside Accra and therefore in a Boarding School, or they are in Junior High School, Primary or Kindergarten; all good and affordable facilities in the area.

The basic care of the children in the African-Angel-House is secured to some extent thanks to sponsorships. Unfortunately, not all children have a sponsor yet.

But there are many other operating costs that we have to cover from free donations.
We are therefore constantly dependent on further donations to cover monthly costs and operating costs, which also affects our small office in Düsseldorf.

We are constantly looking for new basic sponsors, school sponsors and education sponsors, i.e. for our children. We cannot have enough of them. 🙂
However, under no circumstances should a child be left without sponsorship, otherwise he or she will not be able to go to school.

The school fees, which are due three times a year, are a recurring and difficult problem for African Angel, for which we are urgently dependent on your donation support.

Who is African Angel? Anyone can be an African Angel!

Harriet is the African Angel!
That’s what I’m sure everyone would immediately respond to the question, „Who is African Angel?“

And yes, without Harriet Bruce-Annan and her tireless work to raise toilet funds for slum children, African Angel would not exist.

But since 2002, members, sponsors, donors, supporters, helpers and friends have been the backbone of African Angel and make it possible for us to help in the first place. Therefore, each one of you is an African Angel!

And we thank you all very much!

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Thank you! Your contribution is needed!

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