Current News 2020

Here we report on everything that happens at African Angel. The latest things are at the top.

Everything we report here is to show you where the donated money goes and what we do with it, and that it is worth supporting us.

Table of contents:

– Merry Christmas!
– Finally the underground water reservoir is repaired.
– „Hell“ is being tiled; with financial support from Germany.
– „Hell of a job“ – The problems in the underground water reservoir are being tackled.

– Cracks in the water reservoir – a real problem.

– Cleaning of the water reservoir.

– Small car, big delivery. – Does that go together?
– Animal offspring in the cottage. „Rambo“ has had babies again.

– Dental treatments in the cottage in the sick room.

– Repairs in the cottage: Rusty table tops are replaced with wooden ones.

– Repairs in the cottage: sick room and anteroom to the water reservoir.
– We urgently need a new bus.
– Dental examination at the cottage.

– Friendly match between African Angel FC and Lice FC, between U10, U13 and U17.

– Homemade masks for the cottage.

– Percussions at the Cottage.

– Narrowly missing being expelled from school.

– For the relocated swing a place with grass.

– The Jerusalema Dance Challenge; also here at the Cottage.

– Online classes in Corona times.

– Everyday work at or in the cottage.

– New electric meter for the cottage.
– New cables for our cottage.

– Our new computer room.
– Fufu
– Donation campaign training funds 2021
– Opportunities through languages! Our students in Senegal.
– Our new students at Accra Technicker University.
– Examination for the elderly.
– IT audit
– In memory of George Floyd.
– Good water; good life!
– Best tennis – with not the best rackets. – Go 🙂
– Animal love
– Art in the blood.
– Healthy leaves; Moringer.
– Homeschooling, the new trend also in the cottage.
– „Mother cake“ 😉
– Swing arrived.
– Move the swing.
– This is how you arm yourself against Corona in Ghana.
– A small Corona tip.
– Nets against mosquitoes.
– Discussion of pros and cons as far as Corona is concerned.
– Musical visit from Düsseldorf: Enkelson at the Cottage.
– Thank you for the donations „Aktion Schulgeld“!
– A great report from the Rheinische Post

Merry Christmas!

Christmas card 2020 ...
... and the reverse side, which we send to all our friends, supporters, members and sponsors around the world, as we do every year.

Finally the underground water reservoir is repaired.

We are happy to have solved this big problem with the water reservoir in the cottage. The cleaning, then the repair of the walls and finally the tiling of the walls, which makes it even more durable. We hope we have peace with it for the next 30 years. We were really lucky that in this time of repair work with us over the cottage no rain came down, because that would have broken our work, the freshly plastered walls, for example. And during this time it rained heavily again and again in the immediate vicinity. We thank God for that.
Not every house has such a reservoir; that is already a valuable thing. Harriet got to know and appreciate this in Germany. Here, rainwater is collected in rainy seasons and tap water is collected in dry seasons so that there is always enough water for the children. This water is not drinking water, but water for washing or showering and/or for the plants in the cottage.
We are very happy that we have something like this and that it is now working again.
Thank you to all donors.

The water reservoir is finally finished. – Cleaned, freshly plastered and tiled.
Clean 🙂

"Hell" is being tiled; with financial support from Germany.

Do you believe in miracles? Miracles still happen !!! 👌🏽. While working on our underground water reservoir, it miraculously did not rain near us, although it rained heavily in Accra. The cottage was somehow protected from rain. Since the rainwater is collected by the reservoir, only a downpour would make all the work futile, hence our prayers to Almighty God to control the persistent rains. After the masons finished their work, we called the experts again and they advised that if we can afford it, it will be much better, more durable and sustainable if we fix tiles in it. Because without tilling the floor, it will not last long and we will end up at the same problem. That is, we need tiles and tile cement, which will be more expensive than the former, hm😳. First, we had to get the funds to buy the material, and second, tiler to do the job. – hm🤔. I called an African-Angel friend in Germany and told the whole situation, and he offered to pay for the tiles to be able to repair our underground reservoir. With this he helped us a lot. The first allocation of tiles and tile cement was delivered and the tilers were employed and the floor work on our underground reservoir began. What do we say to the tilers and the cottage guys who helped unload and pack the tiles and tile cement? Thank you. 🙏🏽

For the underground water reservoir on the site of the cottage came the tiles. Now the newly plastered walls will be tiled with it. This will make the reservoir more durable.
We thank the financial support from Germany.

"Hell of a job" - The problems in the underground water reservoir are being tackled.

I have lived and spent most of my time on planet Earth in Germany, so I have cultivated some German ways. The German maintenance culture is, I believe, one of the best in the world. This is actually the drive behind everything I do. Renovations and repairs are always being done at the Cottage to keep the property strong and livable for our children. But these reservoir repairs are a challenge and mother of all repairs and renovations in the history of the Cottage properties. The problems were explained, and the Cottage consulted three small local contractors for estimates. All three recommended a strong cement, smooth sand and water-resistant products to seal the cracks and increase the strength of the walls. However, the wages are drastically high and differ greatly. I don’t even want to dare to do it. Hmn🤔. The reason is that the cottage reservoir has three internal chambers. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets with less oxygen. This is a real challenge. In addition, this Covid19 era and the mixture of cement and chemicals in this dark place made the situation worse . As a result, we asked our electrician to connect lights in the reservoir in the meantime to facilitate the work of the masons.
Due to climate change, it rains in Ghana without prior signs. And to add this, we need to pray and hope that it will not rain when the works in the reservoir start and run, otherwise everyone will be back to square one. At the end of the consultation, one group agreed to do the work, but with many breaks and pauses so that they can get out of the reservoir as often as possible to get fresh air. What do we say to these craftsmen? Our respect, which you deserve, and great thanks.
Our deepest thanks to all our loyal and peaceful members, sponsors, donors and friends. Cottage Reservoir can be restored because you GIVE! Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Finally we have found a company that ...
... which is the repair of the underground water reservoir ...
... tackles the problem.
A "hell of a job" in the truest sense of the word. ...
... 2.5 meters underground - hot and humid.
The walls are replastered and made stable.

Cracks in the water reservoir - a real problem.

As the cleaning of the Cottage Reservoir continued, it was discovered that the walls had some serious cracks. The cement plaster that had protected the block walls for years was washed away, and you can obviously see the skeletal blocks. So the thick dirt we saw in the previous post was actually the plaster cement that had been washed away. This became a major concern for African Angel. The need to ask the professionals for advice on how to solve this „dangerous“ problem cannot be denied, delayed or overlooked. An immediate solution is now a top priority, and this requires funds to restore the Cottage Reservoir. Funds are tight at the Cottage as it is; and then something like this comes along. – Where would help come from? 😪.

Here you can see how cracks have appeared in the cement.
Very hot and very dark it was or is down there in the water reservoir.
Harriet in helping to clean the walls of the water reservoir.
The reservoir consists of three rooms.
Here are the cracks again.

Cleaning of the water reservoir.

Under the 3-story building of African Angel’s cottage is an underground water reservoir where the cottage collects rainwater during the rainy season and also collects and stores water from the main taps after the rainy season. This has become necessary because water does not always flow from the main tap in Ghana. The water collected in the underground reservoir is mainly used for washing, bathing, flushing toilets and watering our trees, but no one drinks it or cooks with it. We have special water tanks that store water for drinking and cooking.
It also helps reduce our water bill, and when there is a water shortage throughout the region or surrounding area, the cottage usually has water, and none of our children have to travel miles to look for water. This saves them time and energy, which they can then use for learning.
To keep the water reservoir clean, the Cottage children go underground 1 to 1 times a year to do a thorough cleaning, and when Mama Harriet 😘 is in Ghana, we do the cleaning together. 😄
This has become a routine, and since the need for the reservoir has been recognized, it is a top priority. Since all the piping connected to the reservoir comes from the roofs of the Cottage, dirt accumulates and this needs to be addressed as often as possible.
Thank you to the Cottage boys for your enthusiasm. As always, I can’t stop thanking our loyal and peaceful members, friends, sponsors and donors for your love and support. Thank you also to the Facebook team. 🙏🏽

1-2 times a year the underground water reservoir is cleaned.
The dirt that has accumulated over the months ...
... is hosed off, collected and transported out.

Small car, big delivery. - Does that go together?

„Friends in need are friends indeed“ 🙏🏽.
The International Police Association in Selm (IPA) responded to our call to replace some of the personal items that were badly needed in the Cottage, namely bedding and towels. I was there to pick them up in my little car, a VW Lupo I didn’t know they were in 46 boxes. And it is obvious that there is no way African Angel’s small car can carry these items. The IPA wasted no time and organized a van the next day and delivered the boxes directly to the shipping company. What a generosity. We did the repacking „press and press“ to make the „African style“ more compact and reduce costs. Volume is what matters here, not weight. Our heartfelt thanks to Konrad and the IPA team „overall“, and a special thanks to the driver and the two who delivered the boxes. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly, also to all our faithful and peaceful members, donors, friends and sponsors, for this act of kindness, love and generosity that is making a big difference in our world. Africa also says thank you.

Harriet with a large donation, bedding and towels, to the police in Selm.
The African-Angel car from Harriet, which was to take this delivery. Unfortunately, that was ...
... a thing of impossibility.

Animal offspring in the cottage. "Rambo" has had babies again.

The cottage welcomed new family members. Our bitch „Rambo“ gave birth to four beautiful sweet puppies. As a rule, the Cottage gives new puppies to families who love animals. Normally, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to keep dogs at home and give them the freedom they need. Most dogs are either chained or locked in a cage. Therefore, they roam around in search of food and survival. This makes such dogs vulnerable to disease and persecution.
We feel it is necessary for cottage children to develop love for animals and grow up with them, feeding them, playing with them and not harming them. Our children appreciate this very much. Sometimes animals are man’s best friends.
When I am in Accra, I visit some of our issued dogs and see how they are doing.
Proud Mama Rambo, Congratulations for enriching our life in Cottage and always being kind to friends and children from Cottage. Thank you so much, Rambo🙏🏽

The cottage has had offspring. Rambo, our dog, gave birth to 4 little puppies.
The little ones seem to be comfortable.

Dental treatments in the cottage in the sick room.

As we have already informed you, 35 Cottage children are in urgent need of dental treatment. This is done by our medical team in the Cottage infirmary, which has also been renovated to ensure smooth processing. A clean workplace leads to better results. Thank you Stefan for the donations🙏🏽. Each child got their own file and every process was documented. Bravo kids, it was painful and you can see from your faces and reactions how hard it was! After the surgery, the doctors gave each child packs of medications and instructions on how to control themselves to ease the after pain and speed up the healing of the gums. Thank God, everything went well and the children are now jumping around, eating and are without pain. Our heartfelt thanks go to Silvia and Florian, long-time members of African Angel, who made it possible for the children to live a pain-free life . Our biggest thanks also go to the medical team who came especially to our cottage to make it affordable. Thank you so much. As always our thanks go to all our loyal and peaceful members, donors and sponsors. Thank you Gordon🙏🏽. Also our special thanks to the Facebook team for their support. Stay blessed, safe and healthy.

The poor. But finally their teeth are made. Since until then there was often not enough money to pay the dentist, the children unfortunately could not visit the dentist for a long time.

Repairs in the cottage: Rusty table tops are replaced with wooden ones.

The renovation works in the cottage are still going on. Since the Cottage is not far from the Atlantic Ocean, our metal objects always suffer from the sea air and start to rust. As you can see from the pictures, most of the Cottage tables where our children study and dine were rusted. From a health point of view, this is not good for the children. Therefore, an urgent renovation is needed. Thanks to Verena 🙏🏽, a member of African Angel and the Kolping family who donated, the rusted metal plates of the tables could be replaced by redwood plates. Our usual thanks go to all our loyal and peaceful members, friends, donors and sponsors who do so much behind the scenes to ensure that our children in Africa are children and have the best childhood experiences. Our thanks also go to the carpenter and welder. Thank you.

This is how the tables, newly fitted with redwood boards, look.
Mercy shows us how rusty the tables are.
The rusted metal plates are removed from the racks.
The metal racks are ground.
The waste produced during the repair of the tables.
The new wooden panels are screwed.

Repairs in the cottage: sick room and anteroom to the water reservoir.

The Cottage needs a lot of renovation in all areas you can imagine in a house. Most of the windows and door frames and new doors in the Cottage need to be repaired or completely replaced. Through the support of a donor, we were able to replace some, and much still needs to be done. This has actually helped renovate the infirmary and the front room of our underground water reservoir under the floor. We use the water reservoir to collect rainwater during the rainy season and also to store water that comes out of the taps. Both rooms got new window frames. We thank Stefan for giving us that as well. Now the doctors can come👍🏾😍. Our usual thanks go to our loyal members, friends, donors and sponsors. Our thanks also go to the carpenter, mason and welder and all the helping hands at Cottage. Thanks guys. Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

New window frames will be installed for the hospital room.
The vestibule for the underground water reservoir is also getting a new window frame.

We urgently need a new bus.

Hmmmn😭 after the screening, we knew that 35 cottage children need urgent dental treatment; 20 of them have chronic pain that requires immediate treatment. That means we have to take all the children to the hospital. Unfortunately, our buses are in a very deplorable condition, too broken to transport children in them. This is heartbreaking. The next option is to rent private buses. However, due to Corona, children have to be transported to the hospital in small groups in buses, which financially bursts Cottage’s wallet. However, our young dental team suggested we do our best to take advantage of our ongoing hospital room renovations and also make hospital costs more affordable. An appointment was made for treatments at the Cottage. The Cottage will be very grateful if anyone feels touched to give Cottage a new or #Secondhand #bus. #VW, #Toyota, #Nissan, #Hyundai, #Honda, #Kia, #Fiat, #Ford, #Mercedes etc; all these manufacturers have their branches in Ghana. We continue to thank our loyal members, friends, donors and sponsors. Our heartfelt thanks to the medical team. Thank you.

These are our 2 buses, with one ...
... is really no longer usable, since it threatens to...
... to fall apart.

Dental examination at the cottage.

After some of our children complained of toothache, the cottage management organized a dental check-up for all of them. It was found that 35 of our children needed urgent treatment. All of this comes at an additional cost, but we have tried our best to get this treatment for the children so that their pain can be alleviated. As usual, our appreciation goes out to all of our loyal members, friends, donors and sponsors. Without your financial support, this would not be possible. And our SPECIAL THANKS go to the medical team. Thank you and may the Almighty God bless you all continually. Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Urgently needed were for the children to have their teeth examined.

Friendly match between African Angel FC and Lice FC, between U10, U13 and U17.

Go boys go. The African Angel Cottage has 5 teams registered with the Ghana Football Association. This is a friendly match between African Angel FC and Lice FC, between U10, U13 and U17. The first picture is Cottage Boy Ishmael in yellow jersey, the second picture is Cottage Boy Robert in yellow jersey and the third is Simon in green jersey. They won all the games. What do we say to them? G O A L and more goals!

Friendly match of our boys against Lice FC, a club from the area.

Homemade masks for the cottage.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the Cottage 😊. Mavis, Cottage Dress Maker in the making, with assistance from Colleen, outfitted the entire Cottage with masks. Each child’s initials were written on the sides of each mask to show ownership. We say „thank you“ to our girls who created and sewed this.

Mavis making the specially created masks for everyone at the Cottage.
To ensure that the masks always end up with the right owner, the names are written on the masks.
Harriet also got a mask.
All got their mask and Corona can see where it stays. 🙂

Percussions at the Cottage.

Drum greetings from the Cottage Boys, from right: Nat (drum), Joel (drum) and Samuel (gonggong beater). Wishing our loyal members, friends, donors and sponsors the best of the week. Enjoy.

Nat (drum), Joel (drum) and Samuel (gonggong beater) doing a little drumming in the cottage. To see the video, please click on the picture.

Narrowly missing being expelled from school.

B.E.C.E 2020 (Basic Education Certificate Examination). After the suspension was lifted by Ghana, Ghana allowed senior high school students to go back to school to prepare for their final exams. In Ghana, the exam to enter senior high school after completing junior high school is called the B.E.C.E.!
These important 2020 exams crashed with convid19. Seven African-Angel kids are qualified to write these exams which started 3 days ago. The journey has been hard for these 7, very hard! They were dismissed from their schools two months before these exams because of school fee arrears. All pleas to the schools were not heard. Cottage management must find a solution to this tragedy. Private teachers were hired to teach the children and prepare them from the Cottage. This comes at a further cost, but we are running against time and something must be done to save the situation. Thanks to an African-Angle member who donated for the teachers, the first month was paid and the African-Angle treasurer transferred the remaining school fees so that the bills could be paid. Meanwhile, the bills were paid in all the schools. My fear that the schools would prevent them from entering the examination hall to write their exams was not confirmed, and to top it all off, our children are ready to write their exams; without fear. We wish them all success in all their journey.
On behalf of the Cottage children, our heartfelt thanks to all our loyal members, friends, donors and sponsors. You have made this story so beautiful and worth telling. Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Benjamin, Evans, Clarissa, Joshua, Simon, Colleen and Richel. They almost got kicked out of school. ...
... But only because unfortunately there was no money for the school fees.
At the Cottage, the children were prepared for the exams by private tutors and teachers.
The tables, by the way, have been donated by the police in Selm.

For the relocated swing a place with grass.

Boyzzz @ work.So that the children have more fun and safety while swinging, they sowed the new place of the swing with grass seeds. Palm trees and mango trees are already growing on the little square.
The idea with the homemade watering cans came from the children themselves. Their creativity is priceless. –
This will be a beautiful playground.

With self-made watering cans the place of the swing is watered. To see the video, please click on the image.

The Jerusalema Dance Challenge; also here at the Cottage.

The whole world is dancing to this song right now! With „Jerusalema“ Master KG has probably delivered the track of his life. The track features singer Nomcebo Zikode, whose lyrics are actually a prayer in Zulu. In it she asks to be led as a praying person by God into the holy city of Jerusalem.
Here in the cottage, too, people danced to it.

To see the video, please click on the image.

Online classes in Corona times.

Google and Zoomclassroom at the Cottage. Although it is a great financial challenge for the Cottage to keep up with the times in this Corona era and still have the children attend classes, as schools are closed here as well, it made the
Online learning or homeschooling possible. Without the recently donated computers, this would not be possible; so our big thanks, hugs and kisses to all our loyal members, friends, sponsors and donors.

Homeschooling in Corona times with the new donated computers.

Everyday work at or in the cottage

Boyzzz @ work. Cottage Boys are very busy getting the cottage in shape. From bike repairs to tilling the soil, spraying to keep insects off the trees, getting the playground ready for the seesaw and more until you are tired. – Bravo, Cottage Boys, you deserve our respect.
Thank you to all our loyal members, donors, friends and sponsors. You are the wire that goes through us to keep the energy we need. Thank you

New electric meter for the cottage.

We had to wait a very long time until the people from the electricity company came to provide us with new cables and a better power supply. Nevertheless, we are grateful.
The time without properly working electricity was very hard, especially in Corona times, because everyone did everything from home; this consumes a lot of electricity.
Now, without the power going out all the time, we can use all the electrical equipment and especially our computer room, where a lot is now done online – keyword: homeschooling.
We are grateful for donations to the Cottage that cover our water bills, internet bills, electricity bills, etc.
The Cottage pays a lot of electricity bills monthly.

The new electricity meter is installed and connected.

New cables for our cottage.

In order to get a better overview of the electricity consumption at African Angel, and to relieve the electricity meters, each floor in the houses in the cottage should get its own electricity meter. For this, a team from the electricity company ECG (Electricty Corporation of Ghana) had to come to our compound to connect some lines at the house. It is great to see the professionals doing their job and climbing the electricity poles put up by the city. – Africa live 😉
We would like to thank ECG.

In order to install the new electricity meters in the house, an ECG employee had to connect some cables of the municipal electricity supply to the house from our cottage. - Adventurous. But worked out as always 🙂

Our new computer room.

What can we say? From 2018 to 2020, we had no computers at the Cottage. Those were difficult times for the Cottage children. But a friend of African Angel from Germany made it possible for the Cottage children to receive IT lessons in theory and practice to expand and enable their knowledge of modern technology by donating all the necessary electronic equipment. Now the children can learn online again, which is a necessity especially in Corona times.
The sturdy beautiful tables and chairs are donations from IPA Selm🙏🏽. Our Cottage kids are overwhelmed and so is our IT teacher. Stifter Portal, a foundation that Microsoft works with, donated the software for it. To prevent dust from entering the computers, the Cottage kids cover the computers when not in use.
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped with this project.

IT lessons for our junior high students with our IT teacher Sir Bright in the new computer room.
The new laser printer is unpacked ...
... but unfortunately it does not have all the functions we expected. It can still scan and not copy. Now we have to look around for another printer.
Here our primary school students are taught by Nicolas, one of our children from the cottage.
As long as the computers are not in use, we protect the equipment from the dust that exists in large quantities in Africa.


Ebunubunu, Greengreen soup, available once a month, was what the Cottage kids had for lunch yesterday. It consists of our local snails, nkontomire, a type of spinach from Africa and dry fish topped with okra. Kind of „vegetarian“ ☺. In the kitchen of the cottage, everyone helps. There is a kitchen plan for that.  The nkontomire that is left over is processed with agushie, the African almond, along with coconut oil to make a souce that is eaten with either rice or yam, the African potato. It’s all very delicious and very healthy.
We are very grateful for it.

Here is prepared Nkontomire, which belongs to the spinach family. It is very rich in iron. Here it is washed ...
... and cut.
The girls make the nkontomire ...
... and the guys make the snails, which are very healthy because they are very rich in calcium.
The nkontomire and snails and dry fish then make a soup called Ebunubunu.


The most popular food in Ghana, is Fufu. Fufu always comes with soups like peanut soup aka „Nkatiekwan“ or the palm nut soup aka „Abenkwan“ or the okra soup aka „Enmomliwonu“ or the light soup aka „Nkrakra“ or the greengreen soup aka „Ebunubunu“. Fufu consists of cooked casava and plantains. Everything is mashed until it is well mixed together. Traditionally, fufu is eaten with the hands and one must be very skilled to eat soup with bare fingers. Popularly known as „aafa wonu“ (Ga language) or „yenumu“ or „y3 sa nkwan“😋 (Akan language).
Thank you to our loyal members, friends, sponsors and donors for the food.

To see the video, please click on the image.

Donation campaign training funds 2021.

Opportunities through languages! Our students in Senegal.

Our students in Senegal have very special chances. There they learn French, which is spoken in most of Ghana’s neighboring countries. In Ghana itself, English is spoken.

This means that our children, who also learn to speak French, will later be able to work anywhere in Africa.

Our 3 children, who are the first to take this step, would like to work in the communication and marketing industry. One of them wants to become a shoemaker later on.

Our students, Desmond, Derrick and Elijah, in Dakar. Here they are learning French. ...
... This is important because French is spoken in many of Ghana's neighboring countries.
Here they are in their apartment right now. There's a lot of homeschooling going on because of Corona.

Our new students at Accra Technicker University.

In order to become computer specialists, electrical software engineers and car mechanics, our children successfully graduated from Dombosko Technician School, Accra, then did the social year at the Cottage including a parallel internship in a car repair shop, to now study at the Technician University, also in Accra.

We wish all the best and much success.

Our tech students, Lydia, Solomon, Charlotte and Nicholas.
Here proudly holding their acceptance letters to the Technical University in Accra.

Examination for the elderly.

On an ongoing basis, a series of exams and tests are held at the Cottage. This time for middle school students, with large intervals between them, spread around the Cottage grounds to avoid writing them off. Also, new subjects are introduced and taught.

It is our goal and vision that our Cottage children explore their world, which consists of 7 continents. Then we will talk in detail about the different cultures and prepare their minds to have confidence in their nation and world and help build it. It is a real privilege given to us by our loyal members, donors and friends and we appreciate it with 3 beautiful flowers to express our heartfelt thanks.

Home schooling in the cottage and Martin as a professor.
Home schooling in Corona times in the cottage of African Angel.
These are the exam questions for the exam.
Testing at the Cottage.

IT audit

IT class test for our Cottage kids in elementary schools 1, 2 and 3. Great what the older brothers have taught the little ones. Soon our Cottage will have a new e-library. This was made possible by African-Angel friends. So to all our friends on FB, our loyal members and donors, we say a big thank you for supporting and donating books and computers. Thank you!

We have IT teachers who come to the Cottage especially to teach the kids IT. Here they are at a midterm right now:

In memory of George Floyd.

In honor and memory of George Floyd, the children of African-Angel Cottage mourn with the family, African-American communities and all of America. Rest in perfect peace, Uncle George.

To see the video, please click on the image.

Good water; good life!

Water is life!!!! And we all need life !!! This is how Cottage children prepare their own drinking water.

Cottage children have different ways to disinfect and „flavor“ their water. Today they mixed water with squeezed lemon for its alkaline content, a preventive method against Covid19. This is then put into plastic bags and then packed in a refrigerator. Our heartfelt thanks to all our good, loyal and caring members, donors of all people from all over the world.

To see the video, please click on the image.

Best tennis - with not the best rackets. - Go 🙂

Always studying – that’s no fun. Abraham, Isaac, Nathaniel, Samuel and Joel play tennis at the Cottage. The rackets may not be the best, but it seems that our „tennis stars“ at the Cottage don’t care that much. Copson and Benjamin help repair the broken rackets. Thank you so much for the rackets. It was a good idea and it is much appreciated. Thank you.

Abraham, Isaac, Nathaniel, Samuel and Joel.
Nathaniel und Samuel.

Old tennis rackets from Germany are repaired, as far as it is possible, and then tennis is played, – as far as it is possible 🙂

Benjamin and Joshua repair the bat for Isaac.

Animal love

The cottage dog Ricardo was wounded. Martin, Clarissa and Dorcas played the role as „vets“ to give first aid to Ricardo. Normally, caring for dogs is not necessarily part of Ghanaian culture. Respect to our cottage children who pave the way and show love and care for animals. They deserve our respect again. Thank you children!

To see the video, please click on the image.

Art in the blood.

„Arts in the Blood“, „Arts in the Blood“. Hayford Lawson, senior high school fine arts student at the Cottage, does what he loves to do and uses old cardboard and old newspapers to make colorful flower vases. Thank you to all our loyal members, friends and donors who gave us the glue, paints and brushes and challenged us to be creative.

To see the video, please click on the image.

Healthy leaves; Moringer.

Moringer. The Cottage girls, Ameley, Pascalina and Stella, harvesting Moringer leaves from our Moringer tree to use in the Cottage kitchen. Moringer has many healthy components and could help this Covid19 time. It can be added to soups or stews. It can also be taken as a tea. So here we go!

Homeschooling, the new trend also in the cottage.

Three graduates of the Senior High School in Motown, Ishmael Quartey, Martin Luther King Agyeman and Redeemer Darko, support our children in the Cottage and give private lessons. The IT lessons are done by our computer specialist Nicholas Osei. All this is happening because schools were closed because of Corona. 
Sometimes we have to crack down and some children have to stand on their chairs because they were chattering and not paying attention. They have to stand on their chairs and take notes while the class goes on. But aren’t they blocking the view of those sitting behind them? I chose not to interfere :).
Thank you and our heartfelt appreciation to our loyal members and donors who also made this possible for us. We thank you.

Homeschooling in the Cottage.
The children learn about Africa.
Redema and Martin and Solomon. They, too, use the Internet to generate and confirm knowledge.
Because some children have disturbed the lesson, or because they were inattentive, they now have to continue standing on the chair. - Other countries, other customs.

"Mother cake" 😉

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world. Baked by the Cottage Kids with love by Raphael Tagoe, our Catery student, as Chef Baker in training. All mothers are invited for dinner Thank you to all our loyal members and donors who made us happy.

Raphael has learned to be a cook and has finished his training.
For Mother's Day, Harriet, who is once again visiting Ghana, received a homemade cake from the children.
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.


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Swing arrived.

Boyzzzzz@Work Part2. The swing has reached its new, even more beautiful, position. The position was checked for all hazards during the swing, and everything was perfect . But during assembly, a water pipe was hit and water gushed out of the broken pipe. That’s when the smaller boys from the cottage came and caught the running water until the plumber. Teamwork was the order of the day.

Thank you to all of our faithful members and donars for keeping the Cottage going during these difficult times. Thank you.

Here the children have dug a foundation for the swing, which previously stood somewhere else. Unfortunately, they hit and damaged a water pipe in the process. ...
... Without getting an installer, there was nothing to be done.
Done 🙂

Move the swing.

Not just home office or home schooling; no, home footballing too? Yes! Yes! Yes! Then more space needs to be made. The favorite playground equipment, the swing set, will have to give way to the second favorite, the soccer game. These are all part of the measures the Cottage is taking to save the kids this Covid time. Stay well at home.
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This is how you arm yourself against Corona in Ghana.

Greetings from the Cottage. Washing hands 19 times in this pandemic is the must and the trend these days. And this is how we do it: take two so-called veronica buckets and fill them with water and lemon liquid soap, the second bucket is filled with salt and water. Now you wash your hands in the 1st bucket and then rinse with the salt water from the 2nd bucket. This is how we disinfect our hands at the Cottage. The Cottage children wish healthy days to all friends and our loyal members, as well as godparents and sponsors; free from this pandemic.
To always have nice clean hands, the children fill one container several times a day with water and lemon liquid soap the other with water and salt. ...
... These solutions are used to clean and disinfect their hands.

A small Corona tip.

A COVID19 message from the cottage of Princess Amartiorkor Amarboye and Emmanuella Naa Oborney Lartey.

After briefly introducing themselves, the two tell how to behave during Corona time: Wash your hands and touch your face as little as possible, so not in the eyes not in the nose and also not in the mouth and you have to disinfect your hands. However, if you do not have money for disinfectants, you should at least wash your hands often under running water.

Nets against mosquitoes.

After the coronavirus, we do not forget the dangers of mosquito bites that can lead to malaria and fever. The Cottage replaces torn mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from accessing our children.

The mosquito nets have to be renewed regularly.
Mosquito nets are a normal thing in all of Africa, just like heating is in our country, for example, because mosquitoes can unfortunately transmit malaria here.

Discussion of pros and cons as far as Corona is concerned.

The children had a heated debate about the Corona virus. The boys debated against the girls about advantages and disadvantages that the virus might have brought to the nations.
Schools are closed in Ghana and online education is now on the rise. But what about the students whose parents don’t have access to computers, smartphones, and the Internet? That’s what we’re worried about.

Here we talked about whether Corona also has advantages. – An interesting topic.

Musical visit from Düsseldorf: Enkelson at the Cottage.

Often, a patronage has a rather symbolic character, but Enkelson, a musician from Düsseldorf, takes this title seriously. When Harriet Bruce-Annan asked him last year for patronage of her association African Angel, he said he wanted to get to grips with the association’s work first. So the musician set off for Ghana in early January to meet the children the association helps with educational opportunities. On arrival in Africa, Enkelson was immediately surprised with a serenade, as the children had previously practiced his song „Lionheart.“ „The song immediately sounded familiar to me, but then when I heard my lyrics, I was really touched.“

In addition to many beautiful experiences, however, he had also experienced a lot of misery, so that he wants to get involved with fundraising activities for the association in the future. On site, however, he first concentrated on what he does best: Music. Together with the children, he sang his song „Düsseldorf (Mein Blumentopf),“ which was translated into the local language of Accra. In the fall, Enkelson plans to travel to Ghana again.

Enkelson, a new musician already known in Düsseldorf, visiting the Cottage in Ghana.

Thank you for the donations "Aktion Schulgeld"!

We are very happy that the necessary school fees have been collected despite difficult times and would like to thank the donors and all school sponsors. Because of Corona, our children now have to study online, which unfortunately involves extra costs. But with your help we have managed this. Because of the lockdown in Ghana the schools are still closed and not all of our students have access to a computer, we now employ private teachers in our cottage to continue to provide our children with the necessary education. In order to be able to pay for this, we would be very happy about further support and donations.

A great report from the Rheinische Post

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