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Education is the key!
For girls and boys. A life without poverty in dignity and with

Her interest is like a warming sunbeam in the hearts of Diana, Elisabeth, Dorcas, Clement, Charlotte, Samuel, David, Joel, Felicia, Mercy, Mavis, Mary, Larteytsoo and the other former street children from the Slumviertel Bukom in Acca/Ghana, Harriet Bruce Annan and African Angel enable a protected home and good school education!

Because of their poverty, millions of children around the world have no chance of attending a school. Instead, many of them have to do the hardest work at a young age, prostitute themselves, are criminal or as child soldiers sent to the wars of adults. And as many dares as young people the dangerous way to illegal immigration to Europe, where many pay their desire for education and work with life …

Despite his own difficult fate, Harriet Bruce-Annan has accepted the street children of their homeland Ghana (West Africa) to enable them to train school and vocational training.
Because: education is the key! For girls and boys. On her own continent, in your own country, for a life without poverty in dignity and with self -confidence!

Harriet Bruce-Annan; Founder of the African Angel e.v.
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Since 2002 African Angel and his founder and chairman Harriet Bruce Annan have been looking after over 100 children, and there are more and more, from kindergarten to university. But there are still thousands of slum children in Bukom, so they help us and Harriet to help as many children as possible!

Read about our children from Bukom, about Harriet’s unusual history, about their years of tireless efforts, about our committed friends and helpers, about our members and sponsors, about the many dear donors and the direct, immediate and personal help that Thanks to African Angel e.V., you will be convinced in short to support African Angel!

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