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African Angel e.V. is not only a non-profit organization, but also a long-term project. We do not provide emergency aid, but offer conceptually long-term and sustainable support.

A basic sponsor (Basis-Pate) supports with his donations the costs for food, electricity, water, clothing, staff wages, garbage collection, internet, repair work, insurances, etc., i.e. everything that a child needs as a basis for living.

A school sponsor’s (Schul-Pate) donations support everything a child needs for school, i.e., tuition, school uniforms, school sneakers, school books and supplies, school trips, tutoring, and transportation to school.

An education sponsor (Ausbildungs-Pate) supports the children’s education and/or apprenticeship. Those who can afford it can provide support for a particular child as they move through their education.

A study sponsor (Studium-Pate) supports the children with his donations during their studies. Here it is mainly about the tuition fees.

Since unfortunately not every child has received a sponsor so far, we are also happy about general or targeted financial support under the menu item Donate.

(Print out the application or also fill it out online and then print it out).

Our children in their different school uniforms thank you for your support.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by mail, by phone or fax.


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