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Donation accounts:

African Angel e.V.
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African Angel e.V.
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Or donate directly via PayPal

Please, give us in the purpose also your address, and, whether you would like to donate to a certain action, e.g.: “school money“, „farmland“ or „building block“ (further purposes or topics you find below in the text).

Would you like to help us with monthly expense items on a regular basis?

Monthly salary for 1house mother/employee, including all duties, taxes and health insurance 102,- € monthly. (We currently have 15 house mothers/staff at African Angel.) The monthly expenses for food (all kinds, except bread) and consumables (also e.g. hygiene articles, toothpaste or washing powder), amount to 3.000,- €. The children receive a rich breakfast (bread, porridge) and dinner (bread, often soup or a warm meal), the warm lunch the children take to school in the morning.

This provides food for an average of 120 people, our children, the staff and on Saturdays on match days the soccer players and coaches = 25,- € per month for each African Angel Bread is eaten at African Angel for 325,- € per month, a child eats bread for 3,50 € . African Angel has to spend 200,- € every month for fuel (also diesel for electricity generator).

The costs for medicines or medical treatments, which are not covered by the health insurance, amount to monthly on the average 200, – € The costs for arising repairs at the house or also at the vehicles amount to on the average 150, – € per month 20, – € costs the hairdresser, who cares, apart from the house mothers, for the hair of the children.

An African-Angel youth soccer team (we have a total of 4 children or youth soccer teams) costs 200,- € per month for training, material, food, league fees. The soccer coaches also teach sports for all children, e.g. also basketball and gymnastics.

Your personal legacy to African Angel.

Many people would like to have an impact on the future with your life, even beyond their own biological death.

African Angel e.V. can be considered in your will and we commit ourselves to use your inheritance in your sense.
Wouldn’t it be nice to know the young person already as a small child whom you will later enable to study?
Or to know that a training workshop or a training farm bears your name, where former street children can get an education and earn their living honestly outside the slums afterwards?

And still to your healthy days to visit African Angel in Ghana, and to look exactly this child in the eyes?

African Angel children live in Christian faith, and traditionally the ancestors are highly revered. With us, as a sire or donor, you are not anonymous.

As a holder of the DZI donation seal, we are also recommended as a non-profit organization for inheritance matters.

Contact us, we are empathetic and advisory for you,

Tel.: +49 (0) 211-55041876.

Donations in kind for African Angel

Many people also support us with donations in kind! We collect donations in kind in our Düsseldorf office for clothing and home furnishings.
We constantly need:
Bed linen, towels, sports shoes, school bags, soccer shoes, soccer balls, children’s and teenager’s clothing.
We gladly accept:
Discarded but good running PCs, monitors, laptops and miscellaneous items upon request.
With every donation in kind we also ask for a contribution to the transport costs, if possible. The transport to Ghana will be organized by us at a reasonable price, nevertheless the volume (weight doesn’t matter) will cost similar to a moving box 80,- €. Thank you very much for your support.

You can spare such things?

Send a parcel to African Angel e.V., Derendorferstr. 89 in 40479 Düsseldorf, or call us: Tel.: +49 (0) 211-55041876


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