Dear members, friends and sponsors,

We recently reported the following:

None of our in Kyiv students is still in the city. All of our “children” have left Kyiv and are looking for protection in the neighboring countries west of Ukraine.

Dorcas and Mabel are in Romania. Rachel, Daniel, Felicia, Cyril and Cynthia are in Poland. Unfortunately, Priscilla did not make it that far. She is currently In Sumy and searches for protection in a bunker.

Now Dorcas and Mabel are in Ghana.

Dorcas, who studied medicine in Kyiv in the 8th semester, is now doing her famulature in a city hospital in ACCRA.

Mabel und Dorcas.
For Mabel we are looking for an internship in management.

Rachel, Daniel and Felicia are accommodated in Germany with members of African Angel, who also finance the trip. Rachel and Daniel are currently learning German and taking care of completing their studies in Ukraine, Kyiv, despite the war. This is expected to be the case at the end of June 2022.

Felicia, and we regret it very much, unfortunately secretly and unannounced her suitcases and left the family and is now doing their thing alone. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what she is going to do and where she is.

Cyril and Cynthia also went to Ghana.

Priscilla, which everyone was still particularly concerned about, has now made it to Ghana, Accra.

So, all children are no longer in the war zone, and that’s the main thing.

We all hope that this war ends immediately!

In the last letter of thanks, we reported on our students that they wrote their final exam.

Everyone passed – not with the best grades, but at least -. Not everyone has got a place in a secondary school so far, but we are working on it.

As soon as we have all accommodated, we send all documents or information to your sponsors.

Everyone will now come to further boarding school, and every child needs around 600 EUR to pull in there with everything a student needs.

For this we would like to ask you all for financial support and have already thanked you for it.


Dear members, friends and sponsors,

None of our in Kyiv students is still in the city. All of our “children” have left Kyiv and are looking for protection in the neighboring countries west of Ukraine.
Dorcas and Mabel are in Romania. Rachel, Daniel, Felicia, Cyril and Cynthia are in Poland. Unfortunately, Priscilla did not make it that far. She is currently In Sumy and searches for protection in a bunker.
Even if these are not the most beautiful news, they have at least escaped from the focus of this crazy war.

As far as the donation receipts are concerned, we all sent our respective donors and sponsors between mid -January to early February.
However, if someone has not yet received their donation receipt, please let us know so that we can make up for it.

We hope that it will soon get better in the east of Europe.

From left: Naomi, Silvia, Rebecca, Pascalina, Lydia, Ishmael, Clement, Samuel and Moses.

Dear members, sponsors, friends and sponsors, hopefully you are all fine.

Our children and the employees are doing well.

The school fees for the 1st semester of the new year for our students in Ghana, Kyiv and Dakar have been paid and also for the 1st trimester of our students in Ghana. We have also paid the costs for the accommodations of our students and their insurance companies. We are very happy about this and we would like to thank everyone who donated to it.

For 2022 we have the following big projects that we want to achieve:

1. The repair of the damage caused by the rain on the house. –

After the damage that the storm caused us at the house last September, we now have the cost estimate, which we are already on „News“ on our homepage ( and more detailed:

2. The construction and setting up of a small shop at the front of the street on our property in the cottage, where our children, who have just passed their training as a cook, offer their services as a cook and event catering and thus make their first money.

3. The construction of the training workshop for our prospective craftsmen (see African-Angel brochure on page 13), which was then tackled by us on our property and unfortunately, because Harriet was too long in Germany due to the problems with the board at that time had to stay and could no longer take care of the construction site in Ghana, had collapsed, since the wire grids in Harriet’s absence had become dilapidated, so that they could no longer stop the concrete, which then came too late place.

4. To manage our farm country and to build our first fountain there.

Here are 2 photos of our farmland. Left: A part of our farm country with naturally grown plants, some of which even have healing effects. Right: The small farm house completed in 2021 for the guard of our property.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that we had to exclude 6 members, including a company, from our association, as they have been shown to harm the association.

Some of these members still want to harm the association today by contacting members from our association and trying to make the club bad.

If you should also be contacted by such, we would be happy and help to tackle it if you would let us know. – Thanks.

One of our students, Dorcas, is shown on this advertising poster for the Medical University in Sumi in Ukraine. We and you are proud to be the face of your university.

In order to become better known and also address younger people, we are looking for so -called influencers and bloggers who want to report on our club.

So if you know someone, please want to bring us together with him. 🙂

From left to right: Clarissa is at the Senior High School in the 2nd year and a very good mathematician. Princess is in the 5th grade of the Excel School. And Cecilia is the 8th grade of the Vision Junior High School. – All three are looking for basic or school sponsors. We would be happy if someone would get in touch.

Of course, we look intently and also a bit worried about the current location on the Ukrainian-Russian border and hope that all of this will go out lightly. –

Thanks for your interest and support.

Dear friends of African Angel,
Even in Africa, you are obviously not sure about heavy rainfall.
The day before yesterday, on October 6, it rained so much above our children’s cottage that the roof could no longer withstand him and rained it into the boys‘ rooms. Now everything has to be repaired.
Unfortunately, this creates unexpected costs for our association, which we are happy to try with this fundraising campaign, to be able to pay more easily.

On the two attached videos you can see what happened.
If you cannot find or open the videos in the appendix, you can look at you on YouTube via these links:,

So if you want to help, you are welcome to do so here.

We thank you in advance, wish you a nice weekend and that you stay healthy.

Dear members, godparents, friends and sponsors,

Hopefully you all are fine.
Our children and the employees are doing well.
We thank you for your patience and support.

Christmas is just around the corner and some members have already asked if we will do a Christmas present again and what they want.
Since this campaign is unfortunately always very expensive and some children no longer have sponsors because the riots at African Angel jumped off, we will not do this campaign this year.

But we have a suggestion on how we can still make the children happy:
Over the years, our cottage has become in need of renovation. Many things have to be renewed. Cabinets are broken, sofas are broken, mattresses are old, the doors no longer close correctly, some almost fall out of their joints, the toilets and the showers are broken, new pillows are necessary.

In the past, Harriet was able to repair and replace a bit every year. But due to the unrest on the board of African Angel, Harriet could no longer tackle these and other things. It was blocked by the board members and a lot of money failed to materialize because many members left the club.

But now with the new board members, Jan Einecke and Astmann Sise, rest comes back to the board, and Harriet finds pleasure, strength and energy, things that unfortunately have stayed longer to tackle again 🙂

Our friends and sponsors Käthe Steinmann and Klaus-Wilhelm Ridder-they may rest in peace-took into account us in their will. We are very grateful. – Make the soul of our long -standing, calm and peaceful member and godfather Mr. Ulrich Kretschmann in peace. Ulrich you would be forever Remembered.

The tuition fees and maintenance costs for our students in Kyiv for this semester are paid.
On the other hand, the school fees for the children in Ghana are not yet paid. There are currently about € 9,000. Unfortunately, some children are no longer allowed to go to school until the money is paid.

Good news:

The Hloch family, members of African Angel e.V., donated a bus for the cottage in Ghana. We are very happy, because now the children no longer need to push the old bus. Now the daily trips to school and back, to the church and back and from time to time, trips to the farm country or to the sea can be made.

The Baur family, members and sponsors at African Angel, donated jerseys again. The children are always very happy about it and are proud to wear these beautiful jerseys.

The cottage has 4 soccer teams, three of whom are very active, the U13, the U15 and the U17. They all play football very successfully.

The Betzler family member and sponsors have the idea of letting the 4 or 5 best teams to be seen from the leagues to be seen above (U13, U15 and U17) in a football tournament organized by African Angel e.V./Hansa.

For this, the Betzler family donated 4 sets of jerseys, each of whom should get the winners.
If this tournament is a success, African Angel e.v./Hansa would like to have such a tournament regularly took place on a fixed date; Maybe every year or every 2 years.

If you then feel like it, you can visit Ghana and be there at this tournament, get to know our children, see and experience Ghana, to take a trip together with our new or old, but even larger, Merzedes-Benz-Bus; Because it is old, the body urgently needs to be renewed, but it still drives.

Our students in Senegal, Dakar, Derrick, the Lartey Elijah, and the Desmond have successfully completed their language course French.

From left to right: Elijah, Derrick and Desmond.

This clears the way for studying or training space in Senegal. But we also lack the necessary money for this.

Two of our children, Lydia, who wants to study vehicle technology, and Speechemer who wants to study mechanical engineering, now have a place of study in the Takoradi Technician University in West Ghana. To do this, the costs for the tuition fees, the student dormitory, the laptops and the livelihood must now be paid. Unfortunately, we lack the money and we would need further financial support.
Harriet was there several times and organized everything and initiated.
We also lack money for Diana, who wants to train as a hotel manager in ACCRA.

From left to right: Diana, speechemer, Harriet and Lydia.

Good news is that our Mary Acquah successfully passed your studies at the Kyiv Technician University. She is now a qualified computer-system software engineer.
It is currently in Ghana in the cottage and helps in the administration there. She is waiting for a work that she has to do in the course of the National Service for the city, which every study graduate in Ghana has to do.

Next week Harriet sends current photos and letters from the sponsorship children to their sponsors.

With this beautiful smile from Mary, we wish you, your families and loved ones all the best and a nice beginning of autumn.

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