Who is African Angel?

Everybody can be an angel!

Who is AA 1

Harriet is the African Angel! Anybody would immediately answer the question, who is African Angel?

And yes, without our founder and board Harriet Bruce-Annan and her tireless work to collect lavatory money for the slum children, African Angel would not exist.

However, since 12 years members, sponsors, donators, helpers and friends are the backbone enabling us to help. Therefore, everyone among them is an African Angel!

And we warmly thank them all!

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Who is AA 4

In 2006 general meetings took place in the associaton office, today an extern convention room is required for the yearly meeting. The association office is the location of the two times a year board member meeting.

Who is AA 5

African Angels are also the yearlong executive employees of the African Angel cottage in Ghana. Janet the educated pedagogics, Philip her assistant and driver, Mama Dora, “the best cook of the world”. Since the days of the first rented house with 26 children in 2004 they are reliable at Harriet’s side, and they are still with her today at the own premises and home of 98 children.

African Angels are also visitors coming from abroad to our children in Ghana, to be with them, to help with the daily work, to bring gifts and donations, or just to assure themselves personally about the project’s progress.

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African Angel would not be possible without the many supporters. Birthday “children” or bridal pairs, who ask instead of presents for donations for African Angel, engaged helpers, who invite Harriet regularly to benefits events, primary school pupils who collect money, students who give contribution to enable a contemporary school education in Ghana…

All of them are the little and big African Angels! Decide to become also an African Angel!

Thank you!

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Harriet and African Angel enjoy following your invitation for project presentation, book readings, visits at schools, Kindergarten, churches, municipalities, universities, or any benefit event. Just call +49 211 55041876 or e-mail info@african-angel.de.

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