Soccer – a Ghanaian passion….and hope for a better life?


Soccer or European Football is a part of life in Ghana; everybody is kicking against everything looking somehow like a ball. Whenever there is an option or a little free time, the kids start kicking, shoes, a plain field or a goal is not necessary. Certainly high hopes are related to soccer, and especially the young and talented generation adores the international soccer players coming from Ghana playing in the leagues in Europe. Many poor boys think they could escape their poverty when becoming a famous soccer player, one of the Ghanaian "black stars" making money abroad. A dream…., for nearly all of them only a dream…Just asked any boy from the slum of Bukom about his job wish, you will hear: Soccer player, or “Black Star”….


Unethical soccer promotors, down-and-dirty man trackers and so called soccer scouts, are exploiting these dreams merciless. These modern “slave traders” hanging around at all soccer and sport fields looking out for talented children playing there. They want so secure as soon as possible young talents for themselves and for their clients, and especially the boys coming from poor background are often following their promises. The boys are taken from the slum into some kind of camps for training purposes, without schooling or education. Sometimes the rude promoters send them back to slum after some weeks, sometimes they keep them for years. 99% of these boys are returning to their origin homes, without the promised career, without money or compensation, without any education, without any perspective. The 1% “lucky ones” are “sold” by contracts to soccer clubs against money for the good of the rude promoters, only a few are really facing a worthy mention career in Europe.

Harriet's worst fear is coming true!


Of course all our African Angel boys love to kick the ball and play soccer, When Harriet started her project 13 years ago, she knew that the children love sport and soccer is their favourite hobby. However, Harriet also knew about the situation of man trackers watching the soccer fields. In fact, during her stay in 2009 it happened, one of the boys did not returned home from school. The immediately initiated search confirmed her fear, the boy had been "kidnapped" by such a "soccer scout". Harriet fought like a lioness for her puppy, and she managed to bring the boy home to African Angel Cottage after a few days. Reflecting the incident she decided to step ahead, an idea was born!

African Angel becomes soccer school!


African Angel had to have a solution to control and canalize the soccer passion of the boys, and at the same time, enabling sports as meaningful balance to the school. Harriet hired a professional soccer trainer, who started to build up the African Angel Football Junior League. After 6 years of training, league matches and development, the African Angel Q13 Junior Team is holding 2. Range. The trainer team Tony, Richard und Bodie and the African Angel boys are active and joyful engaged.

While Junior sports or soccer is not enjoying public support or financial help, African Angel has to finance its sport program from donations. At date African Angel has installed successfully 4 Junior teams. Not only African Angel boys are playing here, but also more poor boys from Bukom and Nungua, who could not afford soccer playing by themselves.

Die African Angel soccer teams need your support!


Please support us in financing this important sport street work of the African Angel junior soccer teams! We are looking forward to greet you as sponsor.

Thank you for support in advance!