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African Angel takes all efforts to fulfil the objectives of their association since 12 years: Facilitation of school education and vocational training of slum children coming from the poor township of Bukom. Help to help themselves on long-term scale.

African Angel offers parents and relatives living in poverty to bring their children into the African Angel shelter house built up by Harriet Bruce-Annan. Here the former slum children receive good food, board, clothing, hygienic, medical treatment, life structure and good school education apart from that prohibitive for slum children. The poor children of Bukom live for themselves, without protection or shelter, in dirt, hungry, needy and, worst of all without any schooling.

Reception age for African Angel children is 4-11 years, but there is no age restriction! Each child will be supported until its education is finished. According individual talent this can also mean university degree. Following Harriet Bruce-Annan s mission, an underprivileged birth should not cause a limitation of the childrens chances for a better life for the good of their country Ghana.

African Angel

African Angel

Today, Harriet shelters 98 former slum children lovingly in the African Angel Cottage. The 3-story house erected 2008-2014 is offering space for the girls `sleeping and living rooms, offices, eating terrace and library, the 2 one-story-buildings are the boys` houses. From here, the children go to school.

In Ghana fees for school and kindergarten are mandatory, also school books and uniforms have to be paid. African Angel finances these costs for the children from donations.

African Angel

71 boys and girls are attending the Vision Interlectuals and Ann-Lisa School (Kindergarten, classes 1-10)

23 children go to College (classes 10-13)

4 young students (African Angel children of the 1. hour!) are studying in their 2nd year in Kiev/Ukraine

The three times a year due school fees are a large financial problem for African Angel; here we are depending on your help!

African Angel
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African Angel

Child support, school fees, operation costs and project enlargement at African Angel Cottage have to be covered by donations.

Therefore, African Angel releases donation campaigns asking sponsors for financial support.

Especially the permanently increasing food costs in Africa are a large problem since a few years. Harriet’s solution is the facilitation of the African Angel Farm garden where vegetable, crop and fruits shall be planted for self-sustain supply. A current campaign is collecting funds for the required well sinking and irrigation system

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16 employees do supervision of the 98 African Angel children at age of 5-22years; most of them are housemothers also living in the African Angel Cottage responsible for care 24h around the clock. As director Harriet is assisted by an educated pedagogic, Ms Janet Dowetin.

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Contrary to the reality of slum kids our African Angel children are allowed to be children! Playing is important for healthy development; therefore, each Saturday is used for playing and free time. The smaller girls love playing with dolls and “kitchen”. However, we think about their contemporaries still living in the slum, their daily reality is hard work and looking after their baby siblings, often giving unwanted birth by themselves at the age of 12 or 13… For the African Angel boys Harriet has established the African Angel Soccer project. Saturday is training- and match day!


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