Financial support for spring term

As every term, we ask you for donations in order to pay tuition fees for 3rd term.

It is our main goal that all our children receive a professional education. The intention behind this is that they will be able to lead a self-relient life in their home country. Unlike in Germany, tuition for high-quality education is costly in Africa. If a child starts kindergarten at the age of 3, finishes school aged 19, and continues with a 4-year university course, fees amount to a total of € 40,000. That is €2,000 a year or €160 a month. Interesting, isn’t it?

Every donation, be it large or small, takes our children closer to their goals. We will be thankful for any extra support you can provide for this term.


How Christmas gifts became Easter presents

Since our children wanted to unwrap their Christmas parcels sent from Europe by their godparents all together in a collective event, they waited until all presents had reached the African Angel cottage. The waited until March. This is how their Christmas gifts became Easter presents.

It was a great delight to witness how happy everybody was about their presents. The godparents had made great efforts and sent lovely things to their children. Even the two dogs, Rocky and Rambo, were presented with a toy. Here are a few impressions of the event:

How Christmas gifts became Easter presents How Christmas gifts became Easter presents How Christmas gifts became Easter presents How Christmas gifts became Easter presents How Christmas gifts became Easter presents How Christmas gifts became Easter presents

Here is a download link for more photos

The General Meeting

This year’s first General Meeting was held on 30 April at the community center of Gerresheim. We would like to thank all members who actively took part in the meeting.

We had an economic report from our tax consultant firm FRTG, represented by Mr Riedl. Moreover, Ms Müller was dismissed from her office with special thanks for the work she has performed for African Angel. As her replacement, Mr Lohmann was elected 1st Deputy CEO without any opposing vote.

Harriet gave a report about new projects in Ghana, and proudly related news of further African Angel children admitted to university.

We trust that we will receive continued support and have a positiv view of the current year.


James Brown is grateful

James is one of our oldest children, now studying Agricultural Sciences in Kiew at the National University of Life and Environmental Studies. He wrote this Facebook post for the birthday of Helena, his beloved surrogate mother at African Angel.


On Labor Day

On Labor Day, there was an event in Düsseldorf organzied by the DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions). African Angel was invited to set up a booth in order to spread the word about our work. Our booth was staffed with our newly elected vice chairman Rudolf Lohmann and his wife, as well as Ms Göbel, Mr Reiter and Mr Lorang, our sponsorship advisers.


Progress report from Ukraine

James Brown is one of our four boys enrolled at university in Kiew, Ukraine. He started three years ago. After studying Russian for a year, he enrolled in Agricultural Sciences, has now passed the first four semesters of the course, and is looking forward to the final four semesters. He is the only African student of Agricultural Sciences at NULES (National University of Life and Environmental Studies). We are surprised that Africans are interested in many different degree courses, but so few of them choose Agriculture. It would be good if this changed in the future, since Africa is more fertile than people often believe.

After finishing his degree course, James will return to Ghana and farm the land owned by African Angel. He says, ‘I have had an awesome semester, more practicals, group mates like family memebers, still looking formward to more, I am most grateful Lord’

We are proud of James.


Dear friends, members, godparents, and supporters of African Angel!

Contribution receipts for 2015 have been sent out, and we hope that all donors received their copy by now. Should you have further questions or suggestions, please write to us at, or give us a phone call at +49-211-55041876.

We would like to use this space to thank you once again for your support. An additional thank you to the Lohmann family and Oliver Virnich, who were a great help with mailing the receipts!


Our U17 soccer team (sponsored by Adidas and organised by Ghana Football Association) achieved 2nd place in a tournament of 16 teams. We congratulate our boys and are, of course, very proud of them.



Our Joshua Copson


The prize-giving

Some time ago, talent scouts tried to lure some of our boys away to soccer clubs. They made promises, mostly empty, for soccer clubs in Europe, etc. Intensive soccer practice would push aside school education, and the children would end up back on the streets. So what to do? African Angel founded three soccer teams, U13, U15, and U17. Keen and talented boys from the neighbourhood were included as well. And as you can see, things are going well.

Today we received some soccer boots from a member. Many thanks to the Bremicker family for the donation.

We still have vital need of balls, boots, and everything else related to soccer. Used items are very welcome. Maybe you have some to rescue from a bleak life in your storage….

We also have three talented basketball players 😉 They are in need of equipment too.