Many years Harriet was working in Düsseldorf/Germany nearly around the clock to collect money to make living and schooling for “her” children in Ghana 50Cent by 50 Cent. Then, some regular guests of the restaurants and bars where Harriet was working then got best attention to her project and encouraged her to establish the non-profit African Angel association. However, it took some more years until her unique and extraordinary story was realised by the media, the first article was published in a German local newspaper.

This article brought the attention of TV correspondents to Harriet Bruce-Annan, a woman who was working as toilet woman in Germany to save lives at the other end of the world….The 45 minute report “50 Cent for an Angel” was produced and broadcasted, making Harriet and “her” children from Bukom visible.

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Wherever Harriet is invited, she is talking with overwhelming enthusiasm about her dream for a better future for “her” slum children in Ghana.The media s attention by Harriet’s award winning of “Golden woman of the Year 2011″ and “Federal Cross of Merit 2013″ was important for African Angel.

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Our little association has no money for promotion campaigns, street billposting or TV commercials, because we want to bring each collected Dollar to our children in Ghana, for a sustainable and long-term project development.

Media makes people attentive to African Angel, hopefully supporting us by implication.
Please see our collection of articles and have fun when reading and watching!

Harriet at the German TV magazine "PLANET WISSEN"

Sehen Sie Harriet Bruce-Annan ass Gast der beliebten Sendung PLANET WISSEN. Hren und Sehen Sie mehr ber African Angel, Harriet s Leben und ihre Arbeit.

Information film
Golden Woman of the year 2011

With impressions from Ghana and African Angel

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