Kids needs


Do you like to sponsor some of our recurrent monthly costs?

03The upkeep of the African Angel Cottage with its 98 fosterlings and about 20 employees is hard to provide month by month. Do you like to support us by covering specific recurrent costs? Do you like to cover our expenses for food, salaries, medical insurance, water, maintenance, repair and many, many more, once or on regular base?
Food African Angel provides about 120 human beings with three good meals a day, our children and our employees, and often some hungry neighbourhood children….
Food for one child makes USD 35, 00 per month
MatronThe African Angel matrons are doing a fantastic job, 15 women raise the African Angel children like their own, cooking, cleaning, making laundry and giving good advice and, most of all, their loving attention.

To date we have 15 matrons on pay-roll, the monthly salary for one African Angel matron is USD 120,00 per month

imgBread For quality reasons, African Angel is buying of wheat and orders a bakery with mixing the pastry. The bread itself is baked fresh every morning at 5.00h in the kitchen ovens of African Angel, ready for breakfast at 6.30h.
One Child eats bread for USD 4,00 each month.

imgFuel Most of the children attend a school in the neighbourhood only 10 min away, but some children have are carried by our African Angel school bus. In addition, Sundays, for the drive to church, the bus is used.

When the public grit fails, fuel is required to operate the electrical generator, too.
Requirement for fuel is USD 220,00 each month.

imgMedical Treatment Africa Angel children are basically medical insured, but as always, in emergency cases (surgical dressings) and for special applications like dentist, private doctors have to be consulted and paid.
African Angel pays in average for not insured medical treatments and medicine USD 200,00 each month.

imgRepair and Maintenance Vehicles and houses need permanent maintenance, and sometimes repair is required to keep everything running smoothly.
African Angel requires for repair work in average USD 150,00 each month.

imgSoccer Team The African Angel Junior soccer league is solely financed by donations. Our soccer project is important for our children as well as for many other poor boys who would not have the chance to kick by lack of sports material, training methods and, last not least, sufficient food.
An African Angel junior soccer player costs USD 20,00 per month.

Thank you, also in the name of our children, for your contribution!