How did African Angel evolved?

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All began in Africa, precisely in Accra the capital of Ghana / West-Africa with the big dream of a little girl. The girl Harriet Dansowaa Ani-Agyei (Harriet’s birth name) lived as child of parents belonging to middle class in Adabraka, one of the better quarters of Accra. However, little Harriet visited regulary her grandmother living in the poor Accra township of Bukom. The conscious girl saw the small children of her age here, being hungry, with noting on, sleeping on the ground and, worst of all, not going to school. The little girl swore, “when I am grown up, I will help these children of Bukom!”

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Children become adults; and destiny brought Harriet as young women to Düsseldorf/Germany in 1991, where she was forced to say good-bye to her life plan. Never, even at the deepest and darkest bottoms did Harriet lost her faith. She kept her big dream alive, “to help the children of Bukom”. For “her” children she was willing to sacrifice and dispense, working hard day and night. Alone for many years suddenly other people got observant to Harriet’s mission. So Harriet Bruce-Annan was able to established the charitable association African Angel e.V. registered under Number 9230 at 2003, May 26. Since 12 years Harriet is the motor of African Angel and with the help and donations of many of “African Angels” she increases the support for “her” children of Bukom.

Read about Harriet, her fate and the origin of African Angel in Harriet’s biography “Save the world with 50 Cent”

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