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Please help us to finance the higher education of our students in Kiev/Ukraine

imgBeitragAyensu, Richard, Ishmael and James are belonging to the first children Harriet had accommodated from the slum of Bukom in 2004. They had been 10-12 years old by then, attending a school for the first time in their lives. The boys took their chance for a better life and learned studiously. 8 years later they finished college and since 2013 they study in Ukraine, their field of study is agriculture engineering, computer imgscience and economics.
Why Ukraine? Unfortunetaly Ghana does not have enough university places, each year more than 200.000 college graduates cannot attend a Ishmael_O_Lamptey university in Ghana. Ukraine is offering higher eductation at reasonable costs. The monthly amount for a student in Kiev, school fees and living, are USD 700,00 only. After finishing foreign university the graduates will be expelled, a guarantee for their return into their home countries. Many good reasons to choose Ukraine for our African Angel students!

We also want to call your attention to our year’s college graduates too. Among them, the first 4 girls! Please enable Mary, Cynthia, Jennifer, Felicia and Cyril the higher education in Ukraine!k04-01-300x200

imgThey want to return to Ghana as doctors, architects and chemists in a few years developing their home country at their best!

Please help us to finance the higher education of our children, donate under “Study”! Thank you




“Well sinking”

Food prices in Ghana have exploded during the last few years. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are 100%-200% more expensive than 2012, due to deflation policy and imports.

Fresh and good cooking for African Angel is



important and essential; therefore, Harriet has decided to establish a farm garden.

While Ghana is a fruitful country, but not widely used for farming. Also because lack of knowledge how to plant, farm and harvest the gifts of God’s earth.


The first trees and seeds have already be planted by our children in spring 2015, during the fruitful rain period. However, during the dry season irrigation is obligatory. Ground water is available, but we have to sink 1-2 wells on the area to get it. The wells will save the healthy feeding of our children by self-supply farming!

Please help us to finance the wells required for African Angel self-supply and training farm project!