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Help us to help – by support or common campaigns

African Angel is a long-term project. We are not working on emergency cases but for sufficient and sustainable help for self-help. Since more than 13 years slum children from the slum-quarter of Accra, capital of Ghana in West-Africa, are accommodated at African Angel shelter house. Here they receive nutrition, medical treatment, a place to sleep and live, and most important, school education. The children start their schooling with Kindergarten or elementary school, and ideally make years later their college graduation. According their talent and efforts, they might be able even for higher education. African Angel has already the first four students.

This means for the former slum children without any chances not only a new life in human dignity, but also a good future after grown-up, ability to care for themselves and their relatives, in their own homeland for the good of their own country Ghana. Because education is the key, the key against poverty and in favour for development.

Became company’s sponsor of African Angel and support our work as an enterprise regularly, by donations or with common campaigns. We are open for your proposals and ensure you our full attention.

Please contact us for more details, thank you, also in the name of our children from Bukom!