About Us – Africa needs education

Caused by poverty several millions of children in the whole world have no chance to attend school. Instead, many of them, even at their youngest days, have to do the hardest work becoming victims of prostitution, crime or child soldiers. Everybody would gladly help them all but we have to be realistic....

As African Angel we work since 12 years to realise Harriet Bruce Annan's vision:

Education and training for slum children from Bukom, a pauperized township of Accra, the capital of Ghana in West Africa. Because education is the key for life perspective in their own country and breaking the wheel of poverty.About us photo text one Harriet Bruce-Annan founded African Angel from smallest beginnings in the meaning of "50 Cent for an Angel"
in year 2004 in Düsseldorf/Germany. Thanks to her insistent work, many helpers and sponsors her project can today help slum children to help themselves. Until today 98 former slum children from poorest background found a new home at African Angel Cottage shelter
house in Accra, to live in dignity and with perspective in their own country.

Please help us to realise Harriet's dream to bring a better future for as many slum children as possible!